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About Us

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Global Organization For Funds Implementation and Transparency – GOFIT was founded upon the desire to help countless of our fellowmen and women in America and around the world overcome the struggles and challenges of life such as the lack of education, healthcare access, and other opportunities.

This is accomplished by giving them resources, tools and also through solid partnerships formed with 501c3 corporations that allow us to comprehensively provide for those in need, enhancing their quality of life in so many ways. We will work a lot with people from prisons, homeless, shelters, changing careers and unemployed high school and university graduates in each community.

We further improve the charitable programs offered by 501c3 associations and offer training for no income and low-income individuals, giving them more opportunities to get back on their feet despite the struggles of their current situations. Through our humanitarian assistance and a wide range of international outreach programs, we bring hope, positive change, and a smoother path to a brighter future for struggling individuals and families in America and around the world.

Learn more about us by calling 347-433-9264 today! Find out the many ways you can support our cause or become part of our team. We would be more than happy to provide you the information you need.